CAN/CSA ISO 50001 (2019) is an international Energy Management Systems (EnMS) standard, that when followed, enables organizations to establish a systematic approach to achieve continuous improvement of energy performance and ensure that this is engrained as an intrinsic part of the organization’s culture.

Adhering to the ISO 50001 standard yields many benefits including decreased utility costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved energy metering and analytics, transparency over energy use, and engaged employees.

Implementing ISO 50001 involves a broad scope of activities, including planning, implementing, checking, and acting. Developing a plan for implementing this work in an efficient manner and supporting organizations through to certification requires a deep level of experience and expertise in ISO 50001.

Prism’s general approach to ISO 50001 implementation is to apply a collaborative methodology with your energy management team. We act as your coach and mentor rather than a standard consultant approach of working independently. Strategic Energy Management (SEM) requires PEOPLE to create change and make energy management ‘stick’ within an organization. ISO 50001 takes this to the next level and ensures that a culture of energy performance is engrained in the organization through the involvement of people. For this reason, your involvement in the implementation of the EnMS through ISO 50001 is critical, and Prism will help coach, support, and mentor you throughout this journey.

We have a Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CPEnMS) on our team, a certification recognized for supporting organizations implement ISO 50001. In addition to our applied experience helping organizations implement this standard, we also have experience leading ISO 50001 training for BC Hydro, having completed multiple webinars and training sessions on the standard for Commercial Energy Managers.

A simplified flow chart for the implementation of ISO 50001 is shown below.

Not sure where to start?

An ISO 50001 Gap Analysis is a great place to begin, with Prism helping you discover what gaps and level of effort would be required to comply with the standard.

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