Prism has supported, developed and implemented sustainability programs for over 90 Canadian organizations in the commercial, government and industrial sectors.

Decarbonization is the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using clean energy sources instead of GHG emitting forms of energy such as natural gas, diesel, propane, and gasoline. Local, provincial, and federal governments are legislating pathways to tackle climate change while creating more jobs and economic opportunities for people, businesses, and communities. Decarbonization of buildings is already playing an important role in this plan.

With over 30 successful years in business, Prism’s multidisciplinary team has the depth of experience and project management expertise to support our clients with their greenhouse gas emission planning. We can help you create a framework for carbon reduction planning, including net zero targets and implementation strategy in existing facilities, new construction, and fleet. We can also support conducting a gap analysis of your policies and procedures needed to support achieving your carbon emission targets.

We invite you to participate and provide feedback throughout all steps of our process.

Our Process

  1. Develop framework for emission reporting
  2. Establish current emissions profile
  3. Assess feasibility of options for emission reduction
  4. Model emission reduction scenarios
  5. Engage with stakeholders on their input and buy-in of emission reduction strategies
  6. Develop supporting policies to achieve your targets

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