We are excited to announce the launch of our new website this month!

Following Prism’s 30th anniversary in 2020 and the start of the global pandemic, it seemed to be a good time to reflect and re-examine how we provide value to our community.

We needed our digital presence to reflect these changes and help us articulate our ability to make an impact and help our clients create a greener, more energy-efficient world

Our service offerings have also expanded from a focus on energy management to integrating more closely with our other specialties including electrical and mechanical engineering, utility monitoring, and sustainability consulting.

You will find an extensive array of projects that we have supported across various sectors and service areas. We continue to take pride in providing quality, innovative and insightful solutions for complex engineering and sustainability situations.

At Prism, we have built and will continue to build a robust resource library to share our knowledge on timely topics related to our fields. You will also find energy calculators to identify levels of efficiency across various systems such as condensing boilers, pumps, motors, etc.

Go ahead and look around. Let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see.

We’d love to hear about your projects and how we might help with your energy-reducing needs.