We are excited to share that we have three new Associates and a new Principal who have joined the Prism leadership team this summer.

Our new Associates:

Prism Associates are individuals with the experience, expertise, and passion to help grow our company to have an even bigger impact. Each Associate takes on company-level responsibilities, leading different aspects of our business, from quality assurance to business development to employee wellbeing. Our Associates also support the growth and development of our junior team members and are key to fostering our company culture of care and collaboration.

Faisal Emami is a great example of how an individual can grow at Prism. Since Faisal’s start as a co-op student in 2015, he has grown to be a trusted advisor for clients and now leads our electrical systems assessments and design services for distribution, generators and sub-metering systems.

David Joo is another highly valued member of the Electrical team who leads electrical design services for new construction, renovations and fire alarm upgrades at Prism. David’s enthusiasm and positive attitude fosters collaborative relationships with Prism’s partners and clients, leading to exceptional project outcomes.

Christine Obee leads Prism’s presence in Victoria and is an integral part of the Sustainability team. Her work with sustainability engagement, training and green building certification has shaped Prism’s esteemed reputation in these key services.

Our new Principal:

Prism Principals provide strategic vision and leadership for the company and demonstrate expertise and experience in their field of work. They exemplify drive, passion and personal ambition which inspires their colleagues and embodies Prism’s core values. We are very excited to welcome Hamid Samani in his new capacity as a principal.

Since Hamid joined Prism in 2019, he has provided outstanding leadership in key service areas including new construction, mechanical services for district energy, HVAC and low carbon electrification implementation. With more than 30 years of project, technical and industry experience, Hamid serves as a valued mentor to team members and is recognized by Fellow of Engineers Canada (FEC) for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of the engineering profession in our country.

“I am excited by the addition of Faisal, David and Christine to our leadership team and by the expanded role that Hamid will have. Their drive and commitment are exemplary and will enable us to build on our past successes to help our clients meet their climate and energy goals.  On behalf of the entire Prism team, we are grateful to have such passionate leaders to work alongside with.” – Robert Greenwald, President.

Read more about our leadership team here.

*Top banner photo taken at the August Prism/PUMA company meeting and lunch with about 50% of our team in attendance.