Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshops


Since 1997, over 30,000 representatives of industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) organizations from across Canada have enrolled in the Dollars to $ense (D2$) energy management workshops. In 2016, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has expanded and completely remodeled and updated the D2$ training material, before selecting CIET as the sole licensee for delivering the Workshops across the country. The new version of D2$ is thus not what you attended 5 or 15 years ago; there’s a lot more to it now! The material from the previous six standard workshops is now presented in 30 modules, which can easily be used as building blocks for organizations that have limited resources or that wish to focus on specific topics. Please contact Mr. Mathieu Côte to request an on-site workshop at

  • High-quality training material available in French and English
  • 30,000+ past trainees
  • In-class and online training available
  • 30 modules that can be assembled based on your needs

Dollars to $ense Workshops in Numbers:

  • 2 languages
  • 6 standard workshops
  • 19 years of delivery
  • 29 accredited trainers across Canada
  • 30 training modules
  • 30,000 past trainees

30 Modules that can be adapted to meet your training needs:

The complete Dollars to $ense training material covered in the six standard workshops is divided into 30 individual training modules for easy reorganization or adaptation to your organization's training needs. This allows us to provide you with exactly the training your team, members, or clients need!