Building strong relationships with our customers is one of Prism’s core values. Our partnership with Langara College is no exception. As a forerunner of energy and emissions reduction in BC, Langara came to Prism in the late 1990’s looking for guidance for their voluntary reporting on carbon emissions to the Federal Government. Since then, our multi-disciplinary teams have been helping the college every step of the way in their energy and emissions reduction journey.

Our support has ranged from reporting GHG emissions to conducting energy audits and Low Carbon Electrification (LCE) projects, as well as creating a Strategic Energy, Management Plan (SEMP) and the implementation of deep carbon retrofit projects. Over 20+ years of our working relationship, not only are we proud to have actively participated in the evolution of their climate ambitions, but also in contributing to student academic success.

Most recently, Langara has taken another bold step towards creating a more sustainable campus with the implementation of a District Energy system that will significantly help to decarbonize their operations.

“Our success is really about their success. If they are able to meet the needs of students, staff, and the operations at Langara while reducing energy and carbon, then we’ve done a good job in helping them do that”, says Robert Greenwald, P. Eng., President of Prism Engineering.

Watch the video to discover how our strong working relationship with Langara College has helped them move towards their climate action goals:

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