Reduce carbon emissions and operating costs and prepare for the future by shifting towards electric, active, and low-carbon transportation. Prism has a diverse and experienced team of electrical designers, engineers, and climate action specialists who can support your organization in transitioning to low or zero-emission forms of transportation.

Our Services
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Assessments and EV Charging Strategy development
  • Employee Active Transit Infrastructure Assessments and planning
  • EV Ready Fleet Plan development
  • Zero-emission vehicle fleet implementation support
  • Zero-emission vehicle fleet and EV charging infrastructure training
How Prism can help

We can conduct full assessments of your organization’s existing fleet and infrastructure to understand the pathway to EV adoption. Our team has the technical expertise to understand electrical capacity requirements, identify vehicles that will best serve your organization’s needs, and provide support to meet funding requirements for provincial programs.

Prism can also support your organization through the implementation phase, provide staff training, and monitor results so that you can get the most out of your carbon emissions reduction plan.

We can help on your journey towards a lower carbon transportation future.

“Prism’s team left no stone unturned, meticulously analyzing every facet of our EV Fleet and Infrastructure Project. And their rigorous analysis ensured that no potential issue went unnoticed, resulting in a comprehensive strategy that addressed all challenges, leading us to 2035.”Lisa Clifton, Rocky Mountain School District No. 6 Operations Coordinator.

Contact us to discuss how our Transportation Planning services can best support your organization.

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