Prism recognizes that properly managing energy can be a lengthy and complex process. Our energy management planning services will ensure that your organization’s path is well laid out so that the maximum possible energy savings are achieved along the way.

As part of a strategic and holistic approach to energy management, we facilitate an Energy Management Assessment (EMA), develop a Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP), and can provide support for the ISO 50001 certification process.

To support our clients with Strategic Energy Management planning, Prism has developed a software solution called ENGAGE to carry out an EMA. The EMA effectively measures the current state of SEM within an organization, as well as the planned targets and actions for improvement. This software tool has been used extensively with BC Hydro commercial and industrial Energy Managers.

A SEMP is a key component of an organization’s integrated plan for energy management. The plan formalizes the organization’s commitment to energy management and provides a means of communicating this commitment to stakeholders. The plan also establishes a framework for identifying energy efficiency opportunities and a benchmark for monitoring future performance. Finally, it clearly lays out energy management roles and responsibilities. Prism helps support organizations to create effective and measurable SEMPs by using a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach.

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