Prism brings over 30 years of experience in sustainability and energy efficiency to the design of new buildings and the expansion and renovation of existing buildings. Our diverse team of electrical, mechanical and energy engineers provide detailed mechanical and electrical design services. Working with specialists in-house also means different design alternatives can be investigated quickly by all disciplines, removing the barrier for coordination across multiple firms.

We begin with schematic designs and incorporate input from client, architect, and the design team and present different options for the mechanical and electrical systems as needed.

During the detailed design stage, our analysis includes thermal load calculations to help us establish appropriate HVAC system requirements. Other mechanical design considerations will include DDC controls locations and sequence of operations, plumbing requirements and fire protection.

Electrical design considerations include interior and exterior lighting and lighting controls, exit and emergency lighting, power distribution, LAN data cabling, telephone and other communication needs, security and fire alarm.

We support the tendering process by preparing drawings and specifications for the work, project schedules and any specific client requirements suitable for obtaining competitive tenders.

We lead the project management aspect by providing construction support services such as review of drawings by mechanical and electrical contractors, site reviews during and upon completion of construction and issuance of reports, the preparation of Letters of Assurance for final building occupancy permits, and reviews of maintenance manuals, balancing and commissioning reports.

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