As commissioning specialists, we understand the operation of all the project systems, their interfaces, and how to bring them into service to maximize performance.

Commissioning is implemented at all stages of a project. It requires balancing both the technical aspects of building systems as well as working closely with the many team members involved: owners, occupants, architects, engineers, build teams and maintenance support

Our role as a member of the project team is to develop a dedicated plan for the coordination, scheduling, and implementation of the commissioning process. This ensures that all building systems will perform according to the owner’s operational needs.

We guide the commissioning process from the design intent through to construction, acceptance and warranty periods. This includes coordination of system documentation, equipment start up, control system calibration, testing and balancing, performance testing, and owner training.

Peace of mind

From the beginning, we will ensure your vision for the building and your expectations guide the project. We will keep you informed of how your project is progressing and provide documented verification of operation and performance.

We provide the needed face-to-face interaction on site where the implementation happens. We are hands-on from reading through the product fine print to switching on and verifying that all systems are synchronized. By identifying potential issues before the carpets are down and the desks are in, we save you time and money.

Benefits of embarking on a commissioning project include achieving higher levels of:

  • Building Performance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Equipment life
  • Training
  • Productivity
  • LEED Accreditation

Prism Engineering is a Building Commission Association Member.


30-50 Year Building Life Cycle

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