Ventilation has a critical role to play in ensuring safe indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant comfort. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ventilation specifically plays a key role in mitigating the transmission of health hazards such as airborne viruses.

Keeping your ventilation system updated includes reviewing the overall capacity, filtration, fan and air distribution systems. As part of an IAQ review, we want to assess how buildings satisfy required space conditions, identify non-compliance issues and identify improvements to resolve health risks and complaints. Our services typically begin with a building operation assessment. This will include a site review of the HVAC systems and evaluation of measured flow rates and compilation of ratings with respect to ventilation effectiveness.

Site Review
  • Outdoor air intake limitations;
  • Filtration types and filter bypass leakage;
  • Natural Ventilation systems;
  • HVAC distribution effectiveness;
  • Obtain an understanding of the nature of equipment problems and limitations.
  • Review air balancing reports prepared by independent agent;
  • Calculate outdoor air requirements following ASHRAE 62.1 and Health Care standards;
  • Assess HVAC distribution effectiveness;
  • Review applicability of supplemental standalone systems for critical spaces;
  • High level review of implemented measures impact on energy costs;
  • Review other measures that should be considered to enhance IAQ;
  • Determine a rating system to assess spaces based on known predetermined factors impacting system effectiveness to identify critical non-conforming spaces.
Assessment Results and Report
  • Prepare rating for individual rooms with respect to ventilation effectiveness;
  • Prepare summary of actions required by maintenance staff to comply with guidelines;
  • Prepare recommendations to standard operation procedures for filter replacement;
  • Advise which spaces should be further evaluated for IAQ monitoring.
Building Controls Review

ASHRAE has specific recommendations related to equipment operation and runtimes. The building controls review will evaluate the existing control system with respect to these recommendations, review the equipment operation and provide a summary of implementation upgrades.

  • Review Direct Digital Control (DDC) operation and HVAC equipment schedule;
  • Review functionality of controls and identify any sensor failures;
  • Provide recommendations to schedules in compliance with ASHRAE guidelines;
  • Prepare recommendations for DDC modifications including over-ride functionality.
Airflow Measurement Coordination

To effectively determine actual airflows and resultant (Air Changes per Hour) ACH within the spaces, it is recommended to conduct actual airflow measurements. Prism could provide coordination services to streamline the process.

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