Equipment and system upgrades are needed periodically to keep your cooling plant running at optimal efficiency, prolonging service life and reducing the risk of equipment failure. This will help keep your emissions, energy, and maintenance costs down and increase the reliability and life expectancy of your cooling equipment. Replacing cooling systems and equipment in any operational facility presents unique challenges due to uncertainties in the existing conditions and discrepancies in existing building system information.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Prism’s engineering team is familiar with a variety of different chillers (air-cooled and water-cooled), evaporative and dry coolers and chilled water pumping systems. We have experience in designing and implementing innovative heat recovery systems including large heat recovery chiller plants and can provide cost and benefit analysis and recommendations for options such as air-cooled versus water-cooled chillers.

Our optimal design solutions consider capital costs as well as operations and integration with existing systems. Space constraints, equipment reliability and efficiency are key considerations as well.

We provide consulting services for the entire retrofit process from initial evaluation through to design, tender, construction and installation/implementation. Prism’s step-by-step proactive approach results in less disruption to tenants and a more manageable cooling system retrofit overall.

Working in-house with our mechanical, electrical and energy engineering teams also means different design alternatives can be investigated quickly by all disciplines, providing the most thought-out solutions in a shorter time frame.

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