Having access to reliable information on energy and emissions performance is the first step to achieving your reduction goals. Prism offers performance monitoring services to help your organization gain valuable insights that can be converted into real savings.

Among the various tools available, we have developed a purpose-built tool called PUMA. This web-based utility monitoring software and service was developed in-house, with extensive know-how and 30+ years of experience. Since 2019, PUMA has been a separate operating company with a close alliance with Prism Engineering.

With PUMA software, you can consolidate your organization’s utility consumption, costs, and emissions in just one place. PUMA can help you compare actual energy consumption to weather-normalized baseline models and track progress toward performance targets. Also, you can customize PUMA reports to meet your organization’s needs, from cost, GHG emissions, and consumption visualizations to dashboards and reports.

Today, we are proud to see PUMA users across Canada’s many sectors, from government and municipalities to commercial buildings and educational institutions.

Here is how your organization can benefit from using PUMA:
  • Time savings – let us take care of your data collection and manipulation so that you can focus more time on energy management and GHG emissions reduction.
  • Unique insights – prioritize your attention and efforts through data analytics using monthly utility data and real-time energy meters.
  • Plan to meet your targets – on a portfolio or site basis, plan energy and emissions reductions for 2030, 2040, 2050, or beyond with PUMA’s GHG dashboard.
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V) – measure your progress and verify the impact of your climate action initiatives.
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