Prism offers engineering and construction project management services for implementing energy and carbon retrofits. When engaged at the beginning of the process, this work is often based on the concept designs developed in our Energy and Carbon Audits.

Unlike new construction, retrofitting existing buildings with energy and carbon-reducing technologies comes with unique challenges. Since 1990, Prism has focussed our design and implementation work on existing buildings. This has allowed us to develop unique expertise and solutions when it comes to integrating innovative technologies into these building systems. We also involve our team of building controls experts, since optimizing building controls is critical to managing energy and carbon, as well as maximizing project savings.

We are committed to making sure retrofit projects get done right. At project onset, we strive to reuse as much of your organization’s existing building infrastructure as possible, which reduces construction waste and lowers costs. At project close out, we ensure the retrofit is commissioned properly, contractor deficiencies are addressed, and staff are trained on how to operate and troubleshoot new systems.

The graphic below outlines some of the key considerations encountered during retrofit projects. Prism provides solutions to help address these considerations, overcome barriers, and ensure the project’s success.

Our Implementation services include:

  1. Design Development
  2. Detailed Design
  3. Tender-Ready Specifications and Drawings
  4. Tender and Contract Preparation
  5. Tender Review and Recommendations
  6. Field Review
  7. Final Review and Functional Testing
  8. Commissioning Services
  9. Construction Project Management
  10. Energy and Emission Savings Monitoring and Verification

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Prism Engineering brought their diverse expertise to the unique PESC facility and really helped us address our energy efficiency goals. From feasibility studies to design to implementation, they provided diligent support to ensure project success. Other facilities within the ECCC have seen our progress and have been inspired to replicate our strategies.

Nikolas Fehr, Project Engineer at Environment and Climate Change Canada