Once fire alarm systems surpass their design life expectancy, they will likely require replacement. Prism can improve your system reliability by providing assessment reports, electrical design, engineering, preparation of contract documents, field construction review and other related electrical work to support the upgrade process. We will perform a preliminary review of the building, identify areas of deficiencies, and provide upgrade strategies to bring the new system up to current building code requirements.

Prism also specializes in Elevator Modernization (CSA B44) and related fire alarm upgrade in residential, commercial, industrial, hospitals, and education buildings. Prism has years of experience working closely with the various elevator consultants and contractors to offer full fire alarm upgrade, DDRS implementation (Vancouver), and electrical work associated with complying with B44 Elevator Modernization requirements.

Our thoughtful and detailed approach follows these steps

  • Evaluate the facility to determine existing conditions relating to the fire alarm system
  • Review generally the signalling device coverage including such as bells or speakers, horns, and strobes
  • Carry out a general review for initiating devices including thermal detectors, pull stations and smoke detectors located on the ceiling and in the ventilation systems
  • Review related current CAN-ULC, BCBC and VBBL building codes
  • Determine voice communication system integration into fire alarm system
  • Determine the available options for the replacement of the fire alarm control panel and annunciator
  • Review possibility of maintaining the existing wiring and devices with new control equipment, i.e. reuse existing wiring and bell/speaker circuits in order to minimize cost while meeting the project guidelines
  • Review of the Annunciator for minimum zone indication as per Building Code, plus provide additional indication to suit the building needs
  • Review the capabilities of the existing fire alarm system for any future elevator upgrade requirement and provide designs to ensure seamless future interconnection
  • Develop timeline schedule for supply and installation
  • Develop a budget for the design, supply and installation for each of the recommended options

With the evaluation complete, we then carry out the design required to upgrade the system to meet the approved recommendations. This upgrade to your fire alarm will bring your system up to current code and standards to enhance the safety of your building and its occupants.

Construction Procurement: Assist in tender process (bid package for contractors, selection process, CCDC2 contracting, provide building permit documentation if required etc.)
Construction Admin: Assist contractor during construction (RFI, shop drawing review of equipment to be ordered, field reviews, final review for permit closeout)

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