Assess existing facilities

Property owners, managers and operators need to identify equipment that has deteriorated or reached the end of its rated useful life and plan for their replacement before they fail. Electrical substations, distribution panels and generator systems are critical for providing reliable electricity throughout your facilities.

Electrical system assessments help to identify vulnerabilities within electrical and generator systems. Assessments can also assist in capital planning and address current and future electrical needs. With a plan in place, risks can be mitigated to ensure reliability for essential services today and in the future.

Design for new facilities

Prism also provides design services for new electrical distribution systems and stand-by/emergency generators.

Mitigate risks and provide service continuity

Our team of engineers, project managers and specialists stay on top of design trends, technology, utility requirements, and code standards so that we can design cost-effective improvements and new systems. We follow through with project management support, review of the installations and the establishment of ongoing maintenance requirements.

In our comprehensive approach, we consider:
  • Occupant needs
  • Space usage and changes for occupants
  • Energy efficient improvements
  • Low carbon electrification or fuel switching
  • Physical space constraints
  • Utility requirements
  • Service continuity during implementation

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