Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting: A Pathway to Continuous Improvement in Energy Management

This paper shares the background and recommendations on how to use Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting (MT&R) as an approach for improving energy performance in industrial settings.

Presented at Eemods ’07 at the Fifth Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems in Beijing, China in June 2007


Leading industrial organizations strive for continuous improvement in the efficiency, productivity and performance of their systems. It is important for companies to establish effective processes that monitor and review results against performance targets.

BC Hydro’s Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting (MT&R) program provides a platform for continuous improvement in energy management for industrial organizations. MT&R is a proven method for measuring and maintaining energy performance, and for identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency. After a long history of success in Europe, MT&R is now being effectively applied to industrial settings in North America as an innovative approach to energy management.