Energy Management Articles


Top 10 Retro-commissioning opportunities found In your building.

Planned lighting maintenance brings down labour costs and increases occupant satisfaction.

Key considerations for interior LED lighting upgrades.

Using combinations of the following measures can save you 10% to 50% on your energy bills.

Part of an effective facility management strategy to ensure that your facilities and existing systems are performing to expected level, and that a plan is in place to replace and repair them when necessary. 

Potential energy management measures for municipalities.

Through ongoing co-op positions, mentorship, and project support, Prism is proud to work alongside and provide opportunities for students whenever possible.

Helping to keep you in the black while greening your building operations.

Today’s lighting designers should have a good understanding of the opportunities associated with LED lighting in terms of comfort, control, and energy savings.

How is Energy Management like hockey? A review of the key roles on a hockey team provides some interesting comparisons.

Prism Engineering prepared this case study for BC Hydro. Read the published version here.

How to green your workplace while reducing energy costs to better weather the recession.

If you walk into the Prism office on any given day, you’ll see the energy efficient technologies we’ve installed, and you’ll also get to see the people behind the projects. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with dedicated people who we’re proud to have both as clients and staff. With our then Senior Mechanical Engineer, Duane Mattson, approaching his retirement after 17 years with Prism, we started thinking about ways to share some of the things that make Prism’s culture unique.

M&T turns energy use data into useful information that can lead to significant energy and cost savings.

A brief explanation of the technology, benefits and key considerations when integrating into building retrofits.

Eight key areas critical to successful energy management, using examples and case studies from Langara's energy management program.

What Prism is doing to address 10 industry issues and ensure that our energy audits help clients save energy.