Condition Assessments Help You Maximize Your Resources

Condition assessments are part of an effective facility management strategy to ensure that your facilities and building systems are performing to expected level, and that a plan is in place to replace and repair them when necessary. Capital measures are identified that will increase systems’ reliability and efficiency while improving building occupants’ comfort.

Prism can help you develop viable asset management and capital funding plans, as well as prioritize crucial areas to direct your limited resources to. 

As part of the service, we carry out an analysis of the buildings’ mechanical and electrical systems.  We review current equipment condition, priorities for replacement, estimated life expectancy, and budget costs for upgrades.  A capital plan is then produced to outline the following:

  • An inventory of existing mechanical and electrical systems and equipment;
  • A condition assessment of existing equipment including the estimated remaining life;
  • Capital costs for new or modified equipment; and
  • A plan for implementation

The implementation plan includes a prioritized overview of the upgrades over a three, five, and ten-year planning cycle. Recommendations are also provided on low cost replacement options and enhanced maintenance options, allowing building operators to avoid unplanned service outages and strategically address equipment which is at risk of failure.  

The plan also provides options to upgrade mechanical and electrical systems, providing both energy savings and capital cost estimates for measures which reduce energy consumption.

If the client is looking for a condition assessment beyond mechanical and electrical system, we also work with specialists in the architectural and building science fields to provide a comprehensive building review.