BC Hydro


Vancouver, BC

Prism Helps BC Hydro Launch the Industrial Cohort Program. BC Hydro’s Industrial Cohort Program is designed to help its industrial customers implement strategic energy management (SEM) practices at their sites through a series of workshops, coaching and resources.

The Industrial Cohort Program is Born

BC Hydro’s Industrial Cohort Program provides medium-sized industrial customers with the tools and support needed to successfully identify and integrate energy management practices into their daily business operations and realize measurable energy savings. Drawing from our 30+ years of experience in Strategic Energy Management (SEM) and our coaching work with Energy Managers at large industrial organizations, Prism was hired by BC Hydro to design and lead one of the three cohort groups.

Launching the Program

The two-year program brings together industrial customers to share their experiences, build their knowledge and integrate energy management into their business operations. The program includes training and networking sessions, a webinar series and several site visits, including a treasure hunt activity for energy savings. Through the program, Prism also provides a set of SEM tools and customized one-on-one coaching support for each participant. The program walks participants through a series of SEM activities including building an energy team, identifying and implementing operational based opportunities, setting up baselines and engaging senior leadership.

Prism Coaching

Prism’s experienced coaches and technical experts guide the cohort participants in:

  • Identifying energy efficiency goals and priorities
  • Leading energy efficiency initiatives at their plants
  • Understanding how to engage staff and leadership in creating a culture of energy management
  • Utilizing diagnostic tools to identify energy waste
  • Measuring, tracking and reporting on energy efficiency improvements and savings over time

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