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Originally built in 1977, the Islands Savings Centre mechanical systems were in need of major upgrades to decrease the facility’s energy consumption and costs and help the Cowichan Valley Regional District lessen its impact on the environment. The facility’s aging ice plant, HVAC and control systems were considered inefficient for today’s standard, resulting in higher than expected electrical and gas consumption when compared with similar facilities.


With support from operational and maintenance staff at Island Savings Centre, we conducted an in-depth analysis of building mechanical and the automation systems. Through onsite investigations, meetings with staff, and the analysis energy systems usage and requirements, the final report identified a number of energy conservation measures with a simple payback of 3 years. These measures included:

  • Implement HVAC and ice plant control system upgrade and optimization.
  • Redesign heating plant and desuperheater heat recovery systems, including variable primary heating system flow, with high mass high efficiency boilers.
  • Refrigeration plant upgrade.
  • Upgrade arena change rooms ventilation to significantly reduce arena dehumidification and ice plant energy use.


We calculated that the implemented recommendations would result in electrical savings of 452,000 kWh or 16% per year and fuel savings of approximately 4,700 GJ or 51% per year. These savings will reduce annual costs for electricity and gas by an estimated $119,000, or nearly 40% of the facility’s 2012 energy costs.