Assessing the potential for energy savings is a critical step when moving forward with energy saving opportunities. Although Prism performs calculations in much of the work we do, we wanted to make some more common calculations freely available to the public on our website.

“Originally launched in 2010, the calculators were designed to help the industry move forward with energy savings,” explains Robert Greenwald, P.Eng., President of Prism Engineering. “It is not just a matter of saving energy, but also of reducing carbon emissions and having a positive impact on the environment,” he adds.

As part of our recently updated website, we are excited to launch a fully redesigned set of online calculators and make them available on our Resources page.

Who are the calculators for?

Building operators, facility managers, energy consultants, training session attendees, and energy managers can use the Energy Calculators to perform basic calculations on various system types. Developed by our team of engineers, the Energy Calculators can be applied to assess the efficiency across various systems, like condensing boilers, ventilation, conditioned air, motors, and pumps.

“The Energy Calculators can provide quick insight and help people decide if energy improvements are needed,” explains Lizz Hodgson, P.Eng., who was responsible for reviewing the functionality of the new tools to make sure all calculations were robust.

How can they be used?

The Energy Calculators are a free tool that can be used to make projections, generate insights, or conduct a quick assessment of how systems are performing, how they compare to established goals, and how their performance might be optimized.

In the picture above, the online calculator indicates the improvement in boiler efficiency (89% to 93%) that can be gained by lowering the boiler return water temperature from 60°C to 40°C.

Another way to make use of the Energy Calculators is when conducting walkthroughs audits or “Treasure Hunts”. By identifying operational opportunities for energy savings, facility operators can use the calculators to quickly assess the potential savings.

Although these calculators are a valuable tool, often the next step is a more thorough assessment. Prism Engineering can help by conducting detailed energy audits, recommissioning studies, deep carbon retrofits, and facility condition assessments to evaluate options. Our experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers and technologists works closely with site personnel to identify, analyze, and present opportunities to reduce energy consumption and cost.

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