We are thrilled to welcome Chris Fontaine as our new Electrical Team Co-Leader and Associate at Prism. Chris brings a wealth of project experience, technical expertise, strong client relationships, and exceptional team leadership skills to our organization.

Chris’s return to Prism, where he began his career as a co-op student in 2011, marks an exciting development for our Electrical Team. Now, as an experienced leader and mentor, he will work alongside Casey Gaetz, our long-standing Electrical Team Leader. Together, they will co-lead the Electrical Team, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise.

“We are extremely excited about this leadership addition. Welcoming Chris back to Prism strengthens our team and underscores our dedication to excellence,” says Robert Greenwald, President of Prism Engineering.

“This strategic leadership duo combines Casey’s extensive knowledge and experience with Chris’s fresh perspective and innovative approach. This partnership ensures our clients benefit from a robust blend of experience, creativity, and a commitment to excellence on current and future projects,” he adds.

The commitment to excellence and high-quality engineering design are among the reasons Chris chose to return to Prism. During the interview phase, he was pleasantly surprised to see many of the employees he first met during his co-op placement 13 years ago.

“I knew there was something special here at Prism to be able to retain such talented people. It also made the decision to rejoin that much easier, as it felt like returning home after a long-extended trip abroad,” says Chris.

As an Associate, Chris will play a key role in driving quality assurance, business development, and the growth and development of our junior team members.

“My passion lies in continuous learning and collaborating with other team members while having fun doing it,” says Chris. “I hope my past project experience and mentorship can help our team members just like I had great mentors during my early years,” he adds.

Experience in Electrical Engineering Design

Chris Fontaine’s extensive electrical engineering design experience in various sectors makes him a valuable asset to our team and clients.

Over the years, Chris has led various high-profile projects, including providing electrical engineering design for Tesla Supercharger electrical vehicle (EV) deployments across Western Canada, acting as base building electrical engineer for Cadillac Fairview at Pacific Centre and Hudson Pacific Properties at Bentall Centre and developing EV Charging technical guidelines for the Capital Regional District.

His diverse background includes working in various senior roles on a wide range of project types and sizes. This ranges from small-scale planning exercises for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs), to new office tower construction in the Metro Vancouver region, to a billion-dollar redevelopment for Burnaby Hospital, among others.

Chris is excited to continue “Changing Systems for a Better World”:

“When your projects have a critical purpose for the future of our planet, and the team members involved are passionate about this purpose, it leads to additional energy and ability amongst the team members. That team energy can be harnessed to achieve amazing results, which no individual could have accomplished alone. Having sustainability specialists, energy managers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and a number of industry experts within their fields under one roof here at Prism really does provide the right ingredients for success,” he explains.

Outside of work, Chris has a passion for running. He has already joined Prism’s Thursday evening training sessions and is currently training for his first 100km ultra-marathon race in August. He also enjoys many other outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, and backcountry skiing.

Please join us in welcoming Chris to the team!


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