We are proud to be a place that values diversity and inclusion. As the world celebrates Women in Engineering Day, we are thrilled to have so many incredible women on our staff contributing every day to helping our clients achieve their energy and sustainability goals.

Today, women represent 41% of our staff working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) roles. Not only are we committed to having an engaging, supportive, and respectful workplace for women, but we are also motivated to provide support and inspire future generations to pursue a career in Engineering and Sustainability.

To celebrate this important date, we asked our staff from these areas what message they would like to share to inspire current and future engineers. Here is what they have to say:


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From left to right, top row: Christine Obee, Associate & Engagement Specialist; Alison Bodine, Electrical Designer: Sarah Smith, Principal & Sustainability Team Lead; Elina Poversky, Senior Software + Database Developer (PUMA); Emma Harrison, Energy Management Engineer-in-Training; and Nicole Huard, Sustainability + Climate Action Specialist.

Middle row: Pamela Subia, Electrical Engineer-in-Training; Taniell Hamilton, Sustainability Engagement Specialist; Sewa Odufuwa, Energy Management Professional; Sarah Coleman, Associate & Sustainability + Engagement Specialist; and Yan Lee, Mechanical Engineer-in-Training.

Bottom row: Lizz Hodgson, P.Eng., Energy Management Engineer; Julianne Pickrell-Barr, Climate Action Specialist; Kimia Yaganeh, P.Eng., Business + Project Manager (PUMA); Maia Penco, Senior Mechanical Designer; and Shannon Hardman, Strategic Energy Management Coach.