Prism helps BC Hydro's Lead by Example group through the implementation of M&V to ensure long lasting energy savings.

Prism was engaged by BC Hydro to provide measurement and verification (M&V) services and to evaluate the post-retrofit performance of a retrofit project at Revelstoke Dam in order to verify its cost-effectiveness.

One difficulty in evaluating M&V performance at Revelstoke was the construction and then energizing of the dam’s 5th generator to increase output.  It is important to track changes in operation and make adjustments to the baseline to compensate for energy use changes.

Prism obtained historical energy use information from two sources to establish a pre-retrofit baseline and to determine a mathematical model for energy use based on weather conditions.  This approach allowed an “apples-to-apples” comparison in subsequent years in order to determine energy savings.  An M&V plan was prepared and a process established for obtaining ongoing utility data, calculating energy savings and delivering regular reports to flag anomalies in energy use, ensuring long term savings.

Based on the energy study baseline of 2010, post-retrofit energy use is better than the savings projected in the study.


In 2012, energy use was 4.1 million kWh less than 2010 baseline energy use.