Optimizing building controls provides electrical and fuel savings to an already efficient building

Prism conducted mechanical, electrical and lighting audits in order to provide the New Westminster Campus of the Justice Institute with an analysis of energy efficient retrofit alternatives and recommendations.

Through its design, the New Westminster Campus of the Justice Institute is inherently an energy efficient building and it has often been used in comparison to other colleges in the Lower Mainland.  We set out to optimize the Justice Institute’s existing systems by providing better controls to achieve optimal energy savings.

Between November 2008 and January 2009, Prism conducted various site visits, aided by Justice Institute representatives.  Based on the data gathered on site, as well as the information obtained from the client and remote access to DDC, we were able to make a number of recommendations.  As well as lighting retrofits and improved controls, the Justice Institute went with Prism’s recommendation of upgrading their DDC system.  This allowed Prism to completely revise existing sequences of operation, further optimizing the system.


  • 37% electrical savings
  • 39% natural gas savings