Sweater Day encourages students to take action and save energy

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BCIT has committed to reduce energy use on campus not only through upgrades and technological changes, but also by encouraging energy conservation among colleagues and students.  BCIT is participating in BC Hydro’s Workplace Conservation Awareness (WCA) program, which draws upon the power of employee engagement to save energy and to establish a permanent culture of conservation within an organization.

"While Sweater Day is one of our smaller campaigns, it’s an important reminder to staff, students and faculty of BCIT’s commitment to energy conservation, and provides a bit of fun during the cold month of February."

--Alexandre Hebert, BCIT's Energy and Sustainability Manager 


With BCIT’s commitment to energy saving, Sweater Day provided a great opportunity to spread awareness of the impacts of turning up the heat, and to remind students, staff and faculty that dressing for the weather can lead to significant energy savings. Using
community-based social marketing techniques, this campaign focused on the barriers of a lack of motivation and a lack of knowledge by using commitments, incentives and communication to encourage the behaviour of not turning up the heat. 

The Campaign

The Sweater Day tactics included on an online quiz, and a booth; both of which were opportunities to enter the draw to win the grand prize.  The quiz, hosted on the internal LOOP webpage, offered messages about energy conservation in BC, while promoting wearing a sweater on February 6th.  The online posts also targeted students and staff from other campus locations.

Passersby had an opportunity to interact at the booth, located in the Great Hall from 10am to 3pm, featuring photo taking station, a pledge table, a donation/sweater swap, and sweet treats. Participants were encouraged to take a pledge to wear a sweater before turning up the heat. Those that did were entered into a grand prize draw. The photos were then posted on the BCIT Flicker account as a fun way to showcase pledges and bring everyone together.

The campaign was promoted through the internal LOOP website, the Green Team webpage, and the Green Team email lists, as well as through posters, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The grand prize for the draw included a BCIT hoodie, a FortisBC blanket, a Tim Hortons gift card and a home energy audit. Incentives offered at the booth included: cupcakes, coffee, and hot chocolate (specifically chosen to go with the theme of staying warm).

The Results

Students and staff really engaged with the campaign. The results were:

  • 244 pledges signed from students, staff and faculty
  • 50 quizzes filled out
  • 293 views on internal webpage (approx.13% of the 2300 staff and faculty) 

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