Building controls upgrades to improve hospital efficiencies across Northern BC

In 2010, the NHA entrusted Prism with the task of providing DDC evaluation and upgrades at nine hospital facilities in Northern BC.

There are a variety of unique challenges when upgrading DDC controls at a health care facility.  Stringent building control requirements are necessary to prevent contamination and maintain patient and staff safety.  It is also common to come across varying degrees of functionality in the existing controls because of system age or system compatibility.  With these and other challenges in mind, Prism was tasked with varying combinations of design, specification, tendering, and implementation of DDC retrofits or new installations for the nine hospital locations.

Prism utilized information from previously conducted energy audits and performed on site reviews of systems and documents in order to identify each facility’s HVAC and lighting system control sequences.  With this information, Prism provided NHA with custom-tailored reports for each hospital outlining recommendations on how to optimize energy use within the allotted budget.  By offering a variety of options to improve hospital energy use, Prism was able to provide NHA with a valuable overview of each of the facilities control systems.

Not only did Prism provide comprehensive reports on each hospital in the study, but Prism was also responsible for implementing the recommended measures.  This included preparing detailed designs and specifications for each site, obtaining bids, overseeing the construction process and completing the final review to ensure construction was completed according to design.