Helping Surrey Memorial Hospital identify opportunities to reduce energy impact through Continuous Optimization

Surrey Memorial Hospital covers 800,000 square feet of acute care facilities, operating rooms and patient wards.


As part of BC Hydro's Continuous Optimization (COp) program, Prism conducted an energy audit of Surrey Memorial Hospital (representing a total of 800,000 sq ft) at 13750 96th Ave., in Surrey, BC. The purpose of the study was to gather information and provide recommendations to reduce energy consumption while preserving indoor environmental quality. The challenge was in finding low-cost solutions with short paybacks that would lead to significant savings as well as improvements to the facility's mechanical equipment, lighting, and related controls.


With support from operational and maintenance staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital, Prism conducted an in-depth analysis of building operations and automation system. Engagement and collaboration with stakeholders was imperative to the success of the program. Through onsite investigations, meetings with staff, and thorough analysis of uses and requirements, the final outcome identified a bundle of energy conservation measures with a simple payback of less than two years. This bundle included:

  • Scheduling revisions
  • Operating room mode setbacks
  • Improved air handler static pressure setback


The investigation phase identified energy conservation measures totalling more than 600,000 kWh of electrical savings and 6,000 GJ of fuel savings. Annual savings from implementation of all identified measures were estimated at more than $100,000 per year

As of summer 2015, this project is currently in implementation.