Upgrading a boiler plant in Edmonton during the middle of winter without sacrificing occupant comfort


When the heating system at the Edmonton Maximum Security Institution was at the end of its useful life, Correctional Services Canada contacted Prism to upgrade the facility with a new, optimized boiler plant.

Construction at the project site had to be performed while the facilities were in full operation during the fall and winter months, with occupant comfort and environmental requirements maintained at all times.

In order to stage boiler installation, we connected isolation valves in the piping system to use some of the existing boilers and maintain continuous heating plant operation.  The project was completed in March 2012 on time and on-budget.  The new boiler plant is operating at a seasonal efficiency of 85%*.

*Note that an older mid-efficiency boiler operates at a seasonal efficiency of approximately 75% or less.


Post-retrofit annual use has not been verified, but estimates based on 13% improvement are in excess of 25,000 GJ per year with GHG reductions of 1,250 tonnes CO2e.