Saving energy through behavior change and awareness programs

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The City of Kamloops staff work in a variety of locations in the city and have very different job roles, often with little cross-departmental interaction. The challenge was to encourage office staff to shut off their common lights when they leave, and to increase awareness of energy consumption at the city. 


As a part of our role as Energy Advisors for BC Hydro’s Industrial Strategic Energy Management Program, we worked with the City of Kamloops Energy Manager to develop a campaign called "Tales of the Elusive Lightswitch," which included two strategies to address potential barriers to switching lights off.

  1. Staff Quiz - Five quizzes related to energy use in Kamloops were sent out to all staff through email, the most common method used by staff to communicate. Prizes for quiz winners included an Energy Savings Package with Blazers Tickets, LED Projection Decorative Lights, and 8 LED snowflake motion lights.
  2. Site Tour – We conducted a tour of the 4 targeted buildings with the Energy Manager to visit colleagues at their desks with an interactive game. The “Pin the Light Switch” game challenged the staff to show the Energy Manager on the site plan where the common light switches were located in exchange for a prize. The goal was to introduce the Energy Manager to staff and to also remind people to turn off the lights at the end of the day and to turn off their monitors.


Both the quizzes and the site tour showed strong staff participation. 90 City of Kamloops employees participated in the quiz and provided 221 quiz responses. The quiz also prompted great email exchanges with the Energy Manager, showing that staff had researched online to find answers and were thinking about energy use in their workplace. 90 employees played the “Pin the Light Switch” game during the site tour and learned about the role of the city’s Energy Manager.