Taking on the key role of Energy Manager for a client committed to demonstrating energy conservation leadership in the education sector

Langara College provides university transfer, career, and continuing studies programs and courses to more than 19,000 students annually at its Vancouver Campus, which features two classroom buildings, a state-of-the-art library facility, a student union complex and a daycare centre.


"Now that Langara has done their energy management groundwork, we are helping them to fulfill their mandate within the college community to ensure that younger generations are aware of energy issues. While there, I will be fully devoted to spearheading their energy initiatives and acting as an "energy champion." Langara will also reap the benefit of Prism's breadth of experience in energy management wherever necessary."

--Patricia Baker, Prism Engineering (on-site Energy Manager for Langara College)


One of Langara College's stated goals is to be a valued and active member of the community by demonstrating leadership through its environmental practices. In 2003, Langara was looking for someone to fill the role of Energy Manager under BC Hydro's Energy Manager program to help identify energy efficiency solutions, manage the implementation of energy-saving projects and help foster a culture of energy conservation on campus.


As part of BC Hydro's Energy Manager program, in which the utility subsidizes the hiring of an on-site Energy Manager, Langara hired Prism to work part-time on a contract basis. In 2003 and 2004, services performed by Prism's Energy Manager included:

  • providing data entry support for energy accounting and quarterly and annual reporting
  • reviewing, analyzing and making recommendations based on reports from the energy accounting program
  • providing "energy tips" and other energy related articles every two weeks for a monthly newsletter
  • working with the engineering team on site to achieve system enhancements
  • carrying out an after-hours audit for systems left on when not required
  • utilizing lighting loggers (combined with occupancy sensors) to verify performance of lighting controls
  • working with Langara staff on applications for incentives from Natural Resources Canada and BC Hydro
  • preparing business cases for further energy management projects
  • providing quarterly reporting of activities completed and recommendations for action (a requirement of the BC Hydro program)

From 2005 to 2009, Prism supported Langara's Energy Management program by coordinating energy team meetings, annually updating its Energy Action Plan and carrying out energy monitoring. Although this role was not technically that of Energy Manager under the BC Hydro program, many of the key energy manager functions continued to be carried out.

Since the summer of 2009, Prism has been acting once again as Langara's on-site Energy Manager under the program.


Cumulatively, the retrofit and efforts of the Energy Manager led to a 13.5% decrease in Langara's electricity consumption and a 10.5% decrease in its natural gas use from year 2000 levels--representing annual cost savings of more than $70,000.

Langara and Prism's combined efforts did not go unnoticed. In recognition of Langara's status as a college sector leader in greenhouse gas reduction, it was presented in 2004 with a national Leadership Award by Canada's Climate Change Voluntary Challenge and Registry. Langara's status as a "green" leader in the college sector has, in turn, helped it attract students and staff who respect that Langara "walks the walk" on its environmental commitments.