Identifying opportunities and mapping out a clear course of energy management action for an industry leader in the property management sector

Bentall Kennedy (formerly Bentall LP's Real Estate Services Group) provides tenant-focused management and leasing of first-class office and industrial properties in Canada and the United States. Bentall Kennedy also offers industry-leading expertise in development, construction and refurbishment of office and industrial buildings.


"We have always been impressed with Prism's attention to detail in all the work they've completed for us. Their passion towards energy conservation is reflected in their timely and cost-effective recommendations. It is those very recommendations, as outlined on these pages, that helped earn Bentall extensive BC Hydro recognition for our energy saving initiatives."

--Darcy Brabbins, Regional Vice President, BC, Bentall Kennedy (formerly Bentall LP's Real Estate Services Group)


Bentall Kennedy has an impressive portfolio of downtown and suburban Vancouver office and industrial buildings. In 2003, as an industry leader in sustainability, Bentall Kennedy sought an assessment of its energy savings opportunities to determine how to best move forward with an energy management program.


Prism responded by conducting an Opportunity Assessment--a preliminary study to identify the best chances for energy savings and to put together an Energy Management Action Plan. The assessment included the following components:

Operator Survey     a review of equipment data and operations supplied by building operators at each site
Energy Comparison     an evaluation of the buildings' overall energy consumption patterns based on electricity and gas consumption data. A BEPI (Building Energy Performance Index) was calculated and compared to "targets" for low-energy-intensity buildings
Lighting Review     a review of the buildings' overall lighting systems with recommendations for improvements
Mechanical Systems Review     a high-level review of the current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and other major mechanical equipment
Energy Management Action Plan     general recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption in the buildings, including advice on whether the buildings would benefit from having a detailed energy audit or detailed designs completed for identified energy reduction opportunities


Based on the recommendations made in Prism's Opportunity Assessment, Bentall Kennedy had Prism proceed with detailed energy audits, designs, and project management for comprehensive retrofits to several Bentall Kennedy-managed office buildings. For example, at one location, the work reduced energy costs by $6.46 per square metre (60 cents per square foot) and included a lighting retrofit and new DDC (direct digital control) system for all HVAC and lighting controls in the building. One of the buildings involved in the project, Bentall Kennedy Centre in Vancouver, BC, carries the distinction of being the first complex in Canada to receive BOMA Go Green certification. Approximately 100 Bentall Kennedy-managed properties have since been certified as either Go Green, Go Green Plus, or BOMA BESt.