A relationship spanning 25 years based on a shared dedication to balancing British Columbians' energy needs with environmental sustainability

BC Hydro knows that the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to efficiently meet electrical demand is through conservation. Over the past two decades, BC Hydro and Prism have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership as the utility works towards its ambitious target of acquiring at least 66% of the province's new electricity through conservation and efficiency by 2020. In helping BC Hydro reach this goal, Prism continues to play a major role in developing and participating in key Power Smart programs.


"While BC Hydro Power Smart has made huge changes in electricity use in BC, virtually none of the savings were achieved by Power Smart alone--they all involved the participation of our customers, consultants and contractors. Prism has been a key ally for us for 20 years. They have helped to promote Power Smart programs, helped our customers find energy-efficient solutions for their facilities, and provided their knowledge, ideas and support in making Power Smart even more effective. Thanks, Prism, for working with us for 20 great years."

--Murray Bond, Senior Manager, BC Hydro Power Smart Evaluation and Measurement, 2010

Program Development

Workplace Conservation Awareness (2007)

BC Hydro selected Prism to develop a pilot program to help utility customers implement energy awareness and behavioural change plans in their operations.

Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting (MT&R) (2005)

BC Hydro hired Prism to carry out a pilot study to identify primary areas of opportunity for MT&R among their industrial clients, outline how a program might be implemented, and provide cost estimates.

Electrical Distribution System Optimization (EDSO) (2002)

Prism worked closely with BC Hydro in developing the EDSO program for its customers--performing evaluations, recommending energy saving measures, and overseeing implementation of many installations. Through the program, Prism is helping BC Hydro customers save over $300,000 annually.


Program Participation

Continuous Optimization Program (COp) (2008 to present)

In addition to carrying out COp projects, Prism co-developed the guide entitled "Maintenance and Optimization of Energy Control Systems for Re-Commissioned Buildings," which is used as a coaching tool during building owners' first year post-implementation.

Product Incentive Program (PIP) and Powersmart Partner Express (PSP) (2008 to present)

In 2009, Prism conducted a technology assessment for BC Hydro of a high-efficiency pumping system combining ECM (electronically commutated motor) and VSD (variable speed drive) pumps for water circulators. As a result of Prism's evaluation and recommendations, BC Hydro added the new technology to the PIP program.

Industrial Lighting Program (2008 to present)

Under BC Hydro's Industrial Lighting Program, Prism carries out lighting studies for industrial customers and develops a plan to install more efficient lighting products.

"BC Hydro would like to acknowledge the contributions of Prism Engineering, with whom Power Smart has enjoyed a long affiliation and who have demonstrated a strong commitment to energy efficiency."

--Francine Collette, Manager of BC Hydro's Power Smart Alliance, in presenting Prism with a 2008 Power Smart Alliance Award

Energy Manager Program (2003 to present)

Prism provides five-day training courses to energy managers from the commercial and institutional sectors. Prism staff members have assumed the key role of Energy Manager for commercial, institutional and industrial clients.

Power Smart Partner Program (2002 to present)

Prism has worked with BC Hydro on refining the program and in helping customers to access funding from various sources.

Power Smart Alliance (2001 to present)

The Power Smart Alliance is a customer-referral program administered by BC Hydro, of which Prism has been a member since its inception.

Building Performance Program (1999 to 2001)

Prism was designated a "Registered Firm" under the program and was brought in by the utility to assess opportunities and work with contractors on design-build projects.

Building Improvement Program (BIP) (1990 to 1998)

For nine years, Prism was an active consultant to the BIP, completing over 250 energy studies on existing buildings and winning four BIP Power Smart awards for commercial buildings.

Workplace Conservation Awareness Program

Prism has been a key consultant for the WCA program for over five years, starting with the Health sector in 2010 and growing to the Advanced Education, Retail, Hospitality and Government sectors in 2013.